The Vaal

In the country……….Naturally!

The Vaal Training Centre is, by far, the very best training centre in South Africa.

These are the reasons why this is a fact:-

  • Natural training tracks, from natural soil.
  • No “base” to any training track. The training track bases are natural soil, from the “basin” which is on the banks of the Vaal River, where the Vaal Training Centre is situated.
  • More square metres of training tracks, per horse, than anywhere else in SA (worldwide?). The training tracks seem endless and options of track usage are vast.

The benefits of the Vaal Training Centre are:-

  • Soundness. Horses remain sounder at Vaal, very few injuries.
  • Fitness. With the long training tracks and the multitude of options available, fitness is easy to accomplish, with each horse.
  • Home course advantage. With so many local meetings taking place at Vaal, there is a definite home course advantage. Vaal trained horses only have to travel to Turffontein race meetings, on the relatively traffic free R59 highway, some 45 minutes away.
  • Excellent groom quarters. Phumelela have just completed construction on the new “village” where Vaal grooms reside. The facilities are excellent. Happy grooms make happy horses.
  • Alternative “country” training tracks. A change is as good as a holiday and the natural training tracks which are situated under the trees, far away from the main training tracks are a tonic to horses trained at Vaal, when they are taken there for their exercise from time to time or in the middle of tough racing programmes.

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