The Team


Lauren Watt


Lauren Watt runs the entire admin process and sees to every detail of the yards various processes. Lauren has been an assistant trainer for some 22 years and is an excellent horse person. Lauren is also an equine artist.


Mark Hooper


Equine dentist supreme! Mark Hooper qualified in USA as an equine dentist in 1991 and remains the best at his trade, in SA. Mark’s regular visits ensure that mouthing problems are eliminated and that food is properly digested.


Sam Menerha


Sam Menerha has been with LGRS for a long time. He is the head groom and also sees to cuts and scratches, kit and yard maintenance. The team of grooms at LGRS are all employed by Sam, who has a strong budget and seeks only the best grooms, without whom it would be impossible.


Khehla Shezi


Khehla is a qualified work rider. In his two races for the yard, he finished 5th and 3rd on Sarah Smillie. Khehla loves animals. He keeps his own racing pigeons. His special kindness to horses is a big bonus to the team and his sense of humour is often a source of comic relief during stressful times.


Samuel Lephoto


“All the experience in the world and the softest hands around,” is how Louis describes this dedicated work rider. Samuel is always first on duty in the mornings and last to leave. He loves racing and his charges receive extra special attention and care.



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