The Process

Step 1
Buy a horse, horses or shares in a horse. (it is advisable, for first time owners to enlist the help of a trainer with examining a horse before purchasing it)

Step 2
Agree with a trainer, that he/she will train a horse or horses for you. Allocate an amount for purchasing your horse/horses and familiarise yourself with monthly costs.

Step 3
Complete the necessary documents such as your Colours Application, the registration of the horse in your name, the registration of the Authority to Act, from yourself to your trainer and your application to join the RA. Once your colours are granted, the rest of the abovementioned forms are submitted. All you now need to do is have your set of colours (silks) made and hand them to your trainer. You also need to enter into a contract between yourself and a trainer.

We will gladly assist you with all of the above.

All that is left is the racing career of your horse or horses. Your trainer will now advise and guide you along the way.


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