Financial Conditions
Obviously we have certain financial conditions which are very important to us when it comes to accepting any new owners into our yard. We are fully aware of the fact that not every existing owner or potential new owner will find our conditions endearing. However, we subscribe to the age old belief of trainers, that one good owner is worth much more than any ten good horses.

The following conditions apply :-

  1. We must be paid timeously by our owners
  2. We do not give discounts nor special deals on training fees.
  3. We enter into contracts with our owners as required by Racing’s various governing bodies.

Having accumulated more than 60 years of racing experience between Louis and Lauren, we are convinced that once the above are in order, the results are a long and fruitful owner/trainer association.



  1. We attend sales regularly and select horses to suit every budget
  2. We will assist you by examining any horse which you may wish to purchase, in order to minimise risk and help you make the best decision.
  3. We often have a list of horses for sale or shares available in horses and will advise yourself accordingly and in accordance with your budget.
  4. We will gladly sit down and consult with yourself and structure your racing plan.
  5. We do all of the admin work for you in terms of colour applications, registration etc.
  6. We assist you with bookings info at selected venues on racedays, in order to make your raceday experience truly special.



Step 1
Buy a horse, horses or shares in a horse. (it is advisable, for first time owners to enlist the help of a trainer with examining a horse before purchasing it)

Step 2
Agree with a trainer, that he/she will train a horse or horses for you. Allocate an amount for purchasing your horse/horses and familiarise yourself with monthly costs.

Step 3
Complete the necessary documents such as your Colours Application, the registration of the horse in your name, the registration of the Authority to Act, from yourself to your trainer and your application to join the RA. Once your colours are granted, the rest of the above-mentioned forms are submitted. All you now need to do is have your set of colours (silks) made and hand them to your trainer. You also need to enter into a contract between yourself and a trainer.

We will gladly assist you with all of the above.

All that is left is the racing career of your horse or horses. Your trainer will now advise and guide you along the way.



You purchase a horse and send it to your trainer who will act on your behalf in terms of caring for the horse, schooling the horse and preparing the horse for racing. As the owner of the horse you must complete various application forms and ultimately, obtain your own racing silks which the jockey will wear during the races. All of your horses will run in your colours, excepting in partnerships, where partners get together and decide on which partner’s colours will be used.
Sometimes a group of partners actually register the partnership or syndicate and obtain a special set of colours belonging to that specific partnership or syndicate.


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